NEXEN recently unveiled a commemorative 80th Anniversary emblem to observe the Company's eight decades in the tyre manufacturing sector.

The new commemorative emblem incorporates NEXEN Tyre's legacy and history, symbolising the importance of the Company's long-term commitment to its customers. The overall design of the emblem resembles a moving tyre, demonstrating NEXEN's initiatives of meeting the different mobility needs of its consumers. 

Founded in 1942, NEXEN has played a pivotal role in the tyre manufacturing business. Eight decades later, the company is still a cutting-edge brand known for its quality, innovative products and manufacturing competitiveness.

"I'm honoured to introduce this commemorative emblem and kick off our 80th anniversary celebration. I am truly proud of what we have accomplished. The significance of this milestone demonstrates that our customers and workers value our efforts." says Travis Kang, Global CEO of NEXEN.


NEXEN stated that it has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tyre performance prediction system.

It will use a machine learning technology in the concept design stage to precisely and rapidly anticipate the primary performance indicators, such as fuel efficiency, noise, handling etc. 

This pre-processing technology can detect and replace irregularities in the data. This ability to forecast tyre performance early in development has a significant impact on the quantity of prototypes produced and the development time. Primarily, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to forecast the performance of generic tyres. With FEA, the shape and material properties of a tyre can be modelled as a virtual 3D tyre and the mechanical properties of a product can be confirmed through numerical calculation. FEA takes a long time to calculate figures, therefore developers quickly analyse performance at the concept design stage, which is inefficient.

NEXEN has been consistently working on establishing a Virtual Product Development System. With the newly developed tyre performance prediction system using AI, this will allow faster and more accurate tyre design and performance improvement during the pre-production process.

"We aim to finalise the development of the 'Virtual Bran Loop System" a tyre

development system based on our own virtual design technology and apply

it to OE goods." said Seong Rae Kim, Research of THE NEXEN univerCITY, NEXEN's central R&D Institute. "Through combined industry-academic research, we intend to increase talent training and R&D skills."

Professor Seoung Bum Kim of Korea University and Professor Ki Chun Lee of 

Hanyang University collaborated on the newly created tyre performance 

prediction system using AI.

NEXEN Tyre AI.png
NEXEN OEM Brands.jpg

NEXEN is a worldwide leader in high-performance, passenger, SUV/light truck tyre technology. They have announced it's Roadian HTX RH5 Terrain Tyre has been selected as original equipment on the 2022 Wagoneer - the all-new premium extension of the Jeep brand.


NEXEN Roadian HTX tyres are designed to ensure some of the highest levels of comfort, handling, braking and fuel efficiency available for highway-specific tyres. Roadian HTX feature enhanced driving characteristics in all weather situations thanks to a four-channel groove design to reduce hydroplaning in wet-weather driving conditions.

"This year we've announced a handful of additional OE supply applications, ensuring our commitment to aggressively expand our OE supply portfolio and to continue contributing as a preferred OE suppler. 

The addition of the all new 2022 Wagoneer is in line with our overall growth plan of becoming a global top 10 tyre manufacturer by 2025. NEXEN prides itself in providing high-quality, dependable tyres to all of its OE partners and we will continue to offer OE supplier solutions to many manufacturers around the world in different markets." Says Brian YoonSeok Han, CEO of NEXEN America.


NEXEN Tire America Inc. is relocating from where it has been for the last 16 years, in its North American headquarters, to its technical centre in Richfield, Ohio - located 20 miles north of Akron.

NEXEN joins several tyre companies that have a presence in the Akron area in the form of technical centres.

Akron earned the designation 'Rubber City' in the early 1900s, when it was home base for several of the world's largest tyre makers.

NEXEN will integrate its corporate and sales staff. The U.S. tech centre is one of three that NEXEN operates around the world.

The key benefits of the move, the company said, are ensuring a central location for its U.S. customers, as well as allowing NEXEN to strategise ways to increase frequency of traveling to customers, thus enhancing operating efficiency.

Brian YoonSeok Han, CEO of NEXEN Tire America said "Our world-renowned technical centre is best known for its unmatched tyre testing and development and is now the official home of the NEXEN Tire American team, where we will continue to develop top-tier tyres for our customers."

The company established NEXEN Tire America in 2005. NEXEN derived roughly 32%, of its global sales of $1.4 billion in 2020, in North America.

NXN RoadianGTX FullOn SML.jpg

The new NEXEN Roadian GTX is available in more than 34 sizes
ranging from 17" to 22".

A premium all-season tyre at an affordable price, the Roadian GTX is the new
multi-purpose tyre for today's drivers who want comfort, longevity and versatility.

• The structural makeup enhances low noise and offers optimum comfort.

• The all-season tread supports longer tread-life as well as excellent wet and
   dry performance.

• Its low rolling resistance boosts fuel efficiency.

• Designed with all-season traction means it performs well on all types of
   road surfaces - perfect for New Zealand roads.

NEXEN Ohio.png

NEXEN has announced it has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data-driven methodology that can help reduce tyre noice. The big data research for noise, vibration and harshness was jointly conducted with the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.

Since 2018, NEXEN have conducted the joint research to increase customer satisfaction and improve the environment by reducing noise levels. More importantly, the research is set to make an impact that can help reduce research and development (R&D) time period and costs.

AI technology and big data are becoming an integral part of the future of mobility and the fast-changing automotive industry. 

Based on the results, NEXEN was able to create new designs for tyres by using its own image processing technology.

NEXEN is already at the forefront of technological advancements, having previously developed a system that predicts aerodynamic reduction to improve fuel efficiency. NEXEN is looking to incorporate and expand its technology to car manufacturers worldwide.

NEXEN AI Tech to Reduce Tyre Noise.jpg
Peter Vodanovich #84 Champion_v3.jpg

He's done it! Peter Vodanovich, in the purple NEXEN Tyre car, won three from three in potentially his last weekend in the Toyota 86 Championship category. Cementing him the Winner of the 2019/20 season.


The racing was dominated by Vodanovich and Connor Adam in an exciting and closely fought series for first and second place. The field of 12 showed the competitiveness of the category throughout their final weekend of racing for the season at Hampton Downs. 

In the third and final race Vodanovich started in first and ended in first, to take out the series win. Congratulations Peter!

NEXEN Tyre New Zealand has been proud to sponsor Peter and wish him all the best for his bright future in racing.


NEXEN TYRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, announced that its brilliant media wall at the company’s R&D hub in Seoul has been awarded in the Interior Architecture category at the world-renowned iF Design Award 2020.


Founded in 1953, Germany’s iF Design Award is one of the top three international design awards alongside the IDEA Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. The prestigious design award evaluates design entries for seven categories including Product, Packaging, Communication and Interior Architecture. The iF Design Award 2020 received total 7,298 entries from 56 countries for competition. 


‘The Infinity Wall’ is a 30mX7m media wall installed at the lobby of NEXEN TYRE’s Central Research Institute, ‘THE NEXEN univerCITY’, opened in April last year. The dazzling LED communicates to its audiences on NEXEN TYRE’s infinite potential and provides a window into the company’s business philosophy and core values – all expressed through various mesmerizing videos and displays.


Levels 1 to 3 of The NEXEN univerCITY is open to civilians and is being utilized as a communal space where NEXEN TYRE employees and local residents can come together and interact. The flatscreen LED display-turned-media art space offers delight for the visitors’ senses. 


Keeping the health & safety of all the drivers, teams, contractors and employees as a top priority during the Covid-19 outbreak - the Toyota 86 Championship has been postponed to later in the year.

"We are actively supporting all health and travel advice issued by the New
Zealand government, including mandatory isolation periods for all team members returning from international travel, and supporting our teams with clear health and hygiene protocols" Toyota Gazoo Racing said in an official statement.

We all look forward to the announcement of the final Toyota 86 Championship racing dates where we can continue to watch the exciting fight for first place - currently held by the NEXEN Tyre sponsored driver Peter Vodanovich. Go Peter!


The final two rounds of the 2020 NEXEN Tyre Mazda Racing Series were called early due to the obvious constraints within the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown rules.

"As a committee we decided we had enjoyed a strong season and it was time to be realistic, crown our champions and look forward to a full season in 2020/21" Committee spokesperson Steve Spear said.

"We're disappointed to miss running at Hampton Downs and Taupo to close our season off, but we're not complaining because everyone understands where we are at, as a country. Driving out Covid-19 is the only priority."

Roger Beuvink claimed first place in the North Island Championship RX8 Cup winning by only one point ahead of Nigel Edger. Simon Baker took out third spot.

For the second year in a row Keith Wilkinson claimed overall honours in the New Zealand Championship RX8 Cup. Edger was runner-up again and Baker took out another third.

Rowan Shepherd pipped Alex Corpe in the RX7 Cup North Island Championship standings, with Brad McDonald and Tim Forster third equal.

Mark Smith won the MX5 cup a strong 57 points ahead of Jeremy Hoskins.

"Most drivers are back for the 2020/21 season and at least six other cars are being built as well. This bodes well for the future of the series, which we believe is the fastest growing class in New Zealand." Said Steve Spear.

Mazda Racing Series Roger Beuvink.jpg
Peter Vodanovich NEXEN Tyre Car.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 12.36.47

NEXEN Tyre New Zealand, are proud to continue sponsoring the season of the NEXEN Tyre Mazda Racing Series for yet another season.

This series is the oldest Racing Series to become sanctioned by Motorsport NZ. Many high profile drivers have graduated from the Mazda Racing Series.

The series remains one of the most innovative cost effective racing categories in NZ motorsport.

Now, to add to the list, NEXEN Tyre is also proud to be an official partner of the Toyota NZ86 Championship for 2019/2020. Created as a stepping stone series to greater things, it attracts up and coming drivers in New Zealand motorsport.


In this series NEXEN Tyre has included sponsorship, of one of its rising stars - Peter Vodanovich.

It's hard to believe, but Peter made the start to his burgeoning career with Playstation, rather than taking the traditional karting route. 

Peter Vodanovich is definitely worth watching out for - now and in the future.

Nexen Tyre Europe Plant.jpg

NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, is pleased to announce the official grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the NEXEN TIRE Europe Plant in Žatec, the Czech Republic, which took place on Wednesday, August 28 at 10:00 a.m.


The grand opening ceremony of the NEXEN TIRE Europe Plant was held under the slogan “The New Wave for the Future,” that marks the new era of Global Nexen. Over 350 guests were in attendance, including Kang Byung-joong, Founder & Chairman of NEXEN TIRE, Travis Kang, the Global CEO of NEXEN TIRE, Petr Očko, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Oldřich Bubeníček, Governor of the Ústí nad Labem Region, Zdeňka Hamousová, Mayor of Žatec, Moon Seoung-hyun, Korean Ambassador to the Czech Republic, and core OE and RE figures, business partners, local press, construction staff and employees. The guests celebrated the completion of NEXEN TIRE Europe Plant, establishing four major global R&D and production networks – the Magok Central Research Institute in Korea, the Žatec Plant in the Czech Republic, and the relocation of its Europe and U.S. R&D center – and shared detailed information on NEXEN TIRE’s distinguished strategies and technologies.


“Recognizing the importance of our customers, we have established a production base to respond to their needs in a more prompt and flexible way”, said Travis Kang, the Global CEO of NEXEN TIRE. “The opening of the Europe plant will see an increase in NEXEN TIRE’s global production capacity, going beyond the challenges and making big steps in the global tire industry.”


Following the opening and the ribbon-cutting ceremony, guests in attendance were able to tour the new plant and were introduced to the Smart Factory. The cutting-edge factory enhance productivity and improve quality by carrying out a process automation for raw material management to manufacturing, quality control, and distribution.


The NEXEN TIRE Europe Plant began its operations in April 2019. Located in the Czech Republic, the new plant has excellent access to Europe’s largest markets such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The Europe Plant will serve as a great production base with an R&D center and the Smart Factory that is expected to begin expanding capacity to 3 million units in 2019, phase out to 11 million units by 2022.


As of August 2019, the NEXEN TIRE Europe Plant currently hired around 850 employees and by 2022, the company plans to employ approximately 1,300 employees. Not only is NEXEN TIRE accelerating recruitment and promoting economic growth, but the company is also supporting the region on environment-related projects. In fact, the company aims to establish the NEXEN Environmental Fund to improve the quality of all environmental components in the community.

Nexen Tire has opened a 57,000sqm central research centre in Seoul that will act as an R&D hub for Nexen’s local and global centers in the U.S, Europe and China.


The $178 million “Nexen UniverCity” houses R&D facilities that can predict and implement optimal performances such as Original Equipment versus replacement product manufacturing, artificial intelligence technology and virtual tyre technique, a performance research center to evaluate the performance of tyres and vehicles and a material research centre to analyse diverse nano and macro dimensions on various materials.


With the establishment of these facilities, Nexen Tire plans to advance its R&D capabilities by responding quickly to the rapidly changing market as well as the particular demands of the local and global automotive industry.


“The Magok Central Research Institute really defines Nexen Tire’s growth DNA and it’s identity. We will carry out a pivotal and global role that will raise the value of the movement, shifting the paradigm in the tyre industry by creating new changes and future values that no one has seen before,” Nexen Global CEO Travis Kang says.


The name “Nexen UniverCity” combined the concept of Nexen Universe and City that contains the company’s core values – Challenge, Creativity and Collaboration - and it’s business philosophy that displays the infinite possibilities and values that Nexen can accomplish.


This year marks the 77th anniversary of the founding of Nexen Tire.


NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer announced that its ‘N’Fera AU7’ tire received an award in the product category at the internationally renowned German design award, iF Design Award 2019.


Founded in 1953, the iF Design Award is regarded as one of the world’s top three design awards along with the U.S. IDEA Design Award and Germany’s Red Dot Design Award. The prestigious design award evaluates entries from seven categories like product, packaging, communication and architecture.

All award-winning designs are displayed at the iF Design exhibition in Hamburg, Germany and can also be found online on the iF World Design Guide website and iF design mobile application.


The ‘N’Fera AU7’ is a premium ultra-high performance (UHP) tire that is developed for high-end sedans, with significantly improved anti-wear capabilities and braking performance on wet surfaces. The tire offers a premium ride experience by applying strengthened design standards for noise and vibration. In addition, the symbolic design of the tire that is conceptualized around the shape of the number seven, garnered positive reviews.


“NEXEN TIRE’s global award-winning products has proven its excellence in performance and quality together with its competitiveness in design” said Kyung Woo Cheon, Executive Vice President of R&D at NEXEN TIRE. “We will continue our efforts in R&D to enhance product performance, adding more value to our products with innovative designs.”


Meanwhile, approximately 6,400 designs from 50 countries competed in this year’s iF Design Awards 2019.


NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, announced that its ‘ROADIAN MTX’ tire was recognized with an award in the transportation category at the ‘2018 Good Design Award.’


Awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in association with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies, the Good Design Award comprehensively evaluates various products from numerous global corporations in 25 categories including electronics, transportation, furniture, computer and architecture.


The ROADIAN MTX was highly recognized for its distinctive designs of the Machine and Beast dual sidewalls, versatile for on-and off-road driving that offer customers the freedom to choose their designs according to preference and vehicle type. The Machine features a more traditional profile while Beast has a more aggressive look with sidewall traction bars.


ROADIAN MTX’s solid and aggressive design is also suited to provide durability and comfort with its patented noise cancelling technology. The tire is strategically designed to avoid repetitive tread block contact that significantly reduces tire noise. The MTX offers 3-ply carcass, or three layers of sidewall protection that is designed specifically to offer more stability and durability when hauling heavy roads.


“The Good Design Award recognizes NEXEN TIRE’s excellent design capabilities in the global market,” said Kyungwoo Cheon, Vice President of NEXEN TIRE’s R&D center. We will continue our research and development efforts to enhance product performance, adding more value to our products with innovative designs.”

Nexen Mazda Pro7 Race 2018 pits.jpg
Nexen Mazda Pro7 Race 2018 Round 4.jpg
Nexen Mazda Pro7 Race 2018.jpg

On the back of a “good, solid season”, engines have been rebuilt and the finishing touches are being put on Nexen Tyre Mazda Pro7 Racing Series competitors’ RX-7 and RX-8s as they gear up to battle it out over seven rounds to defend championship titles for the 2018/2019 season.


With four new additions to the RX-8 category and top drivers moving up the placing ranks, the RX-8 arm of the Mazda Pro7 Racing Series is becoming the category of choice for new and experienced drivers.


Mazda Pro7 Racing Club President Leo Bult says the existing RX-8 growth trend is continuing with the additions to this year’s series.


“This year, we are currently looking at grids of 26-30 for the RX-7 and RX-8 classes. We have grown from 4 to 15+ RX-8s in the last three years and it looks like we will continue this growth trend for a few years to come. This has been due to the affordability of the class, meaning your average Kiwi can go racing on a reasonable budget, at a decent pace. That is the feedback we continually get, that the series is great bang for your buck and it’s a great stepping stone.


“There is so much young talent in New Zealand. The quality of the cars is better and speed is not compromised. It’s competitive and close, door-to-door racing.”


Round 1 of the 2018/2019 Nexen Tyre Mazda Pro7 Racing Series is held at Manfeild on 20-21 October and will give competitors a good indication of those to watch.

Bult says the 2017-2018 season was a “breakthrough year”.


“It was a good, solid season on and off the track. We had lots going on. It was a fantastic year . . . the quality of the product, our partnership with Nexen Tyre and DTM and the times that were produced by both classes - every track record was broken. We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us,” Bult says.


Nexen Tyre and DTM Wheel & Tyre are the proud naming rights sponsors for the event’s second season.


With their first season running on the Nexen 225/50R16 (Pro-7 Plus) and 235/45R17 (RX-8) N’Fera SUR4G class tyre, competitors experienced a 1 to 1 ½ second improvement in lap times.


Chosen after competitive testing as the class tyre, the Nexen N’Fera SUR4G features an upgraded compound for dry performance and reinforced shoulder areas for improved surface contact and longevity. With maximum performance in wet and dry conditions, the SUR4G provides an exceptionally well-balanced track offering for the New Zealand club racer and drift market.


DTM National Sales Manager Rob Gosling says the SUR4G has performed consistently well throughout the season.


“We knew the Nexen Tyre was going to lift the bar for the Mazda competitors but the gains they made, right from the get-go, are the things they typically look for all year in finding the elusive 1 second improvement. 

Whilst new record times were posted, circuit after circuit, the competitors found the tyres were lasting even longer than the previous offering.”


The Pro7 series, which has been running for 28 years, was the first sanctioned series/class in New Zealand.


The first round of the Nexen Tyre Mazda Pro7 Racing North Island Series is held at Manfield from October 20-21. The series runs from October to April and consists of seven rounds, including two championship rounds, held at Manfeild, Hampton Downs, Pukekohe, Taupo and Cromwell.


In a first for the Mazda Pro7 Racing club, competitors will travel to Cromwell’s Highlands Motorsport Park in January for the first National Championship Round, which has been moved to Highlands from Ruapuna Park, Christchurch.


For further information on how you can join the series visit


Nexen Tyre Mazda Pro7 Racing Series North Island Schedule:

Round 1: 20-21 October, Manfeild

Round 2: 7-9 December, Taupo

Round 3: 11-13 January, Highlands (Cromwell)

Round 4: 25-27 January, Hampton Downs

Round 5: 8-10 February, Manfeild 

Round 6: 8-10 March, Hampton Downs

Round 7: 13-14 April, Taupo


New Zealand Pro7, Pro7 Plus and RX-8 Championship Schedule:

Round 1: 11-13 January, Highlands Motorsport Park, Cromwell

Round 2: 8-10 February, Manfeild


Brent Sellens took part in the Stratford Street Sprint with his recently rebuilt Toyota GT86 (with a 3.5L V8) fitted with a set of Nexen SUR4G Tyres.


“It appears I picked up rather quickly the grip on offer. This was the first event I’ve done with all functions operating after the five year build . . . Looks like I may have found some pace.”


Sellens finished 3rd overall, was the 1st Toyota and tintop.


Congratulations Brent!

Nexen tyre grip.jpg

DTM Wheel & Tyre’s National Sales Manager Rob Gosling attended Nexen Tire’s international Purple Summit in Manchester, home to Nexen Tire’s marketing partner Manchester City Football Club.


Held from April 20-23, the annual summit aims to foster and strengthen relationships with Nexen’s business partners.


As part of the conference, Rob presented attendees with an overview of DTM Wheel & Tyre, current and future sales, growth and marketing opportunities.


“The attendees could not believe the number of things we were doing to promote the brand [in New Zealand] and their feedback from our presentation was overwhelming and unanimous,” says Rob.


One of the highlights of the summit was the Manchester City vs Swansea City A.F.C football match at Etihad Stadium.


“The highlight was really the football match and being a significant sponsor on this massive stage that is the English Premier League. The presence of the brand was everywhere inside the venue, the branded walkways leading into Etihad Stadium and even the branded buses that we travelled around Manchester in. It had a feel of significant brand awareness.”


The summit also provided an opportunity to network and build comradery among distributors.


“We are at a big disadvantage tucked away in our little corner of the world . . . the summit is a great opportunity to stay in touch with brand and channel developments,” says Rob.

NEXEN Summit Manchester 2018
NEXEN purple summit manchester 2018
NEXEN sponsorship UK
NEXEN Roadian HTX RH5 tyre

The Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 will be supplied as Original Equipment for the 2019 Ram 1500 pickup truck.

Designed for SUVs and LT, the RH5 offers an excellent ride experience and great handling on and off-road. Reinforced pulling capacity with projected protectors is also a key characteristic of the tyre.


Nexen Tire has supplied OE tires for a number of FCA US vehicle models, including the Ram 3500 and the Chrysler Pacifica minivan.


The NEXEN N’FERA SUR4 tyres performed better than expected in the first round of the 2017-2018 NZ Superlap Series.


Competitor Glenn Hodges runs 235/40R18 on the front and 265/35R18 on the rear of his 2004 Nissan March K12.

“Having fitted the NEXEN N’FERA SUR4 tyres to the car during the build, it’s fair to say I was keen to see how they performed and during testing/setting up the car, full attention was on every detail of every component.

The NEXEN SUR4 tyres have not let me down, the fit on the DTM Gravity Wheels is perfect with a good clean sidewall to match (no stretch or bulge) – might seem silly to some but I’m fussy and found this to be a bonus.

The performance on the track, right off the trailer was beyond what was expected, although it’s a new car, making comparisons with other tyres tricky, there is a level of performance there that stands out giving no doubt these are for sure a very good tyre.

I’ve found the tyres to operate very well right across a broad temperature range, something handy for the Top Ten Shootout where we get minimal time to warm tyres and need to be on pace immediately.

I’m looking forward to completing the season on the tyres and improving on my own personal best lap times at all three circuits in the series.”

NZ Superlap Car with NEXEN SUR4G tyres



The Lab Limited

DTM - Gravity Wheels


Nexen Tire have been recognised for their innovative designs at the 2017 Good Design Awards and Pin-Up Design Awards.


The N’Fera AU7 and Roadian HTX RH5 won Good Design Awards 2017. The 'N'FERA AU7', 'Roadian MTX' and 'WINGUARD Sport 2' won awards at the 'Pin-Up Design Awards 2017'.

NEXEN's award winning tyres
NEXEN Tyre Mazda Pro7 Racing pic1
NEXEN Tyre Mazda Pro7 Racing pic2
NEXEN Tyre Mazda Pro7 Racing pic3

Nexen Tyre and their New Zealand distributor DTM Wheel & Tyre have stepped in to provide title sponsorship for the NEXEN TYRE Mazda Pro7 Racing Series for the next three years.

More than 30 competitors will battle it out over seven rounds for championship titles. The event has experienced significant growth this year.

Pro7 Plus and RX-8 competitors will run the ultra-high performance NEXEN N’FERA SUR4G tyre on their vehicles.

Chosen after competitive testing as the class tyre for the established series, the NEXEN SUR4G features upgraded compound for dry performance and reinforced shoulder areas for improved surface contact and longevity. This adds to its reputation for maximum performance in wet and dry conditions, providing an exceptionally well-balanced track offering for the NZ club racer and drift market.

“We are looking forward to seeing this new tyre in action and what this series will bring,” DTM General Manager Craig Wylde says. “We are excited about the opportunity to engage with the motorsport industry and to raise the profile of Nexen Tyre in New Zealand.”


NEXEN TYRE Mazda Pro7 Racing Series North Island Schedule:

• 20-21 October 2018, Manfeild - 1st Round North Island series

• 7-9 December 2018, Pukekohe - 2nd Round North Island series

1st Round National Championship:

• 11-13 January 2019, Highlands Motorsport Park

• 25-27 January 2019, Hampton Downs - 3rd Round North Island series

2nd Round National Championship:

• 8-10 February 2019, Manfeild GP - 4th Round North Island series 

• 8-10 March 2019, Hampton Downs - 5th Round North Island series

• 13-14 April 2019, Taupo - 6th Round North Island series


Nexen Tyre and their New Zealand distributor DTM Wheel & Tyre are featured in the Baggage Claim Area at the Hamilton Airport.

The wall wrap showcases a selection of global carmakers who use Nexen Tyre as their Original Equipment choice.

NEXEN tyre advert at Hamilton Airport
Nexen Chiefs Sponsorship 2015 to 2017

NEXEN TYRE and their New Zealand distributor DTM have been a proud major sponsor of Waikato Rugby Team The Chiefs for the last three years.

2017 was another great year for the Chiefs Rugby Club. And it was one that could not have been achieved without the ongoing support from major sponsors including Nexen Tyre and DTM, Chiefs Commercial Manager Sean Austin says.

The Chiefs were crowned champions at the inaugural Global 10’s tournament in Brisbane and in a historic first, played the British and Irish Lions on their home turf. Although they were unable to bring the championship home, they finished the competition third equal with ten wins, a draw and three losses.

It was the sixth year in a row that the Chiefs were in the post season play offs, making their record the most consistent of any team in the competition. Players were rewarded with strong performances and as a result, 10 of the Chiefs players were selected for the All Blacks.

“We are immensely grateful for the ongoing support of Nexen Tyre (and their New Zealand distributor, DTM) as a key major sponsor of the Chiefs Rugby Club. We feel that Nexen Tyre and the Chiefs share a similar attitude to being the best, and striving to innovate to improve and grow.”

NEXEN TYRE has been the tyre of choice for a number of Original Equipment Manufacturer builds.

The Volkswagen Amarok R-2 is fitted with a NEXEN AT PRO 265/50R20 tyre.

The Foton Tunland TS1 is fitted with a NEXEN AT PRO tyre.

The Volkswagen Amarok R-1 is fitted with a NEXEN ROHP 265/50R20 tyre.


The Isuzu FD-2 is also fitted with a NEXEN AT PRO.

Nexen AT PRO tyre


Nexen ROHP Tyre



NEXEN TIRE has announced a three-year partnership with Melbourne City FC in Australia’s A-League, commencing with the 2017/18 season.

NEXEN TIRE’s logo will appear on Melbourne City FC’s away kit sleeve and on the front of its travel kit, in addition to the club’s training kit, which has featured the NEXEN TIRE logo since last April.

Melbourne City FC is the second club in the City Football Group to partner with NEXEN TIRE, after its sister club Manchester City FC, of the English Premier League, announced a partnership extension in March.

As the Official Sleeve Partner of Manchester City FC, NEXEN TIRE has extended its partnership platform with the group by also partnering with Melbourne City FC to increase its brand awareness within the Australian market. 

Nexen Tire & Football Sponsorship
Nexen Tire expands OE supply

Nexen Tire’s ‘N’blue HD Plus’ will be supplied as original equipment tyres to a number of European carmakers, including Volkswagen, SEAT and Škoda.


The upgraded Volkswagen Golf will have the ‘N’blue HD Plus 215/45R17 91W, the same tyres in sizes 205/60R16 92V and 215/60R16 95V will be fitted on the Volkswagen T-Roc.


Nexen Tire will also supply ‘N’blue HD Plus’ for the SEAT Ibiza (215/45R17 91W) and the SUV Ateca (215/60R16 95V).


The Škoda Superb and the Karoq will use ‘N’blue HD Plus (215/60R16 95V)’ as an OE


Nexen Tire has been supplying OE tires to global automakers since 2012, and has provided tires to numerous European automobile manufacturers over the years. Nexen Tire will continue to increase its presence in the European market by continuing with its initiatives to expand tire supplies for new cars.


NEXEN TIRE’s N’FERA AU7 and BREATHRE have both won International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). The AU7 is the first commercialised product from the tyre industry to have been selected as a winner.


The ‘N’FERA AU7’ is an ultra-high performance (UHP) tyre developed for sedans. The AU7 has outstanding driving stability, handling and break performance at high speed and features reduced tyre noise generated during driving. 


‘BREATHRE’ is an air purifying concept tyre designed to contribute to reducing environmental problems (air pollution and fine dust). With air purifying filters embedded within the tyre, ‘BREATHRE’ filters polluted air and fine dust to re-discharge purified air back into the atmosphere. ‘BREATHRE’ was reviewed favourably for having suggested a new paradigm for the tyre industry. 

Nexen N'FERA AU7 tyre
Nexen Tire at Autopromotec

NEXEN TIRE exhibited at one of the top three leading automotive equipment and aftermarket product shows in Europe, Autopromotec.


The fair demonstrates innovations, developments and trends in the tyre, car equipment and spare parts industry. In 2015, 1,587 exhibitors and 103,989 visitors from 50 different countries have attended the exhibition. 


NEXEN TIRE’s exhibition represented the company’s aggressive and energetic brand image and showcased a total of 10 tyre products.


NEXEN TIRE supplies OE tires to various global car manufacturers worldwide, including Chevrolet, Chrysler, FIAT, Hyundai, IVECO, Kia, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche, Qoros, RAM, Renault, Renault Samsung Motors, SEAT, SKODA, Ssangyong Motors, Suzuki, and Volkswagen.


The NEXEN TIRE logo will appear on the sleeve of the Manchester City Football Club’s playing shirt for all of the English Premier League games for the next three EPL seasons.

NEXEN TIRE has sponsored Manchester City for the last three years and is the first official sleeve partner in the English Premier League.

Nexen Tire & Manchester City

NEXEN TIRE sponsors Formula Drift and drivers Frederic Aasbo, Ken Gushi and Tanner Foust. Formula Drift is an event where handling and grip performance is crucial, which is why Aasbo, Gushi and Foust race on the NEXEN N’FERA SUR4 tyre.

The SUR4 is NEXEN’s ultra-high-performance street and racing tyre with superior performance in high-speed driving stability and cornering, grip and anti-abrasion.

“As a proud Official Major Partner, we are excited to see the launch of a new season of Formula DRIFT, which will provide us the opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of our performance-driven technology,” said NEXEN TIRE. “Last year’s phenomenal achievements of our sponsored drivers have already proven the quality and performance of N'FERA SUR4.”


NEXEN TIRE sponsor top-tier Czech Ice hockey team, BK Mlada Boleslav. BK Mlada Boleslav will play in the world’s top 10 Extraliga Hockey League. 

Nexen Tire & BK Mlada Boleslav
Nexen Tire's Green Hive Winning Tyre

NEXEN’s Green Hive concept tyre won the Design Concept category at the 2016 Red Dot Design Awards. The environmentally friendly and innovative concept allows customers to buy and replenish depleted treads on a continual basis.


For its semi-permanent use, the tyre received high scores on innovation, eco-friendliness and economic feasibility. The concept not only presents a new paradigm in a conventional tyre market but it further cements NEXEN’s commitment to ongoing research and development utilizing cutting-edge equipment to ensure safety, value and performance.


It is the third consecutive year the concept has received international recognition, winning the 2014 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), 2015 A Design Award and Competition and the 2016 Green Good Design Awards.


NEXEN TIRE has entered another segment of the off-road tyre market with the Roadian MTX.

Launched at the 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, the Roadian MTX (Mud Terrain Xtreme) features an aggressive design that is versatile for on and off-road driving.

Each tyre has a dual sidewall design that allows you to customise the look of your vehicle.

The Roadian MTX also features a standard 3-Ply design and F-Load weight rating that makes it extremely capable for heavy hauling. With such rugged traits you wouldn’t expect the Roadian MTX to be as quiet as it is on the highway, but thanks to its patented tread block design the road noise has been minimised.

Nexen 4WD Roadian MTX tyre
Nexen N'FERA RU1 Performance Tyre

Nexen Tire will supply the Ultra-High Performance NEXEN N'FERA RU1 tyre as original equipment for Porsche Macan.


Supplied in sizes 235/55R19 and 255/50R19 for the Macan, the RU1 has unparalleled cornering stability and sports handling for high-speed driving. It is also equipped with 3D-Nano Grip Technology, which maximizes the braking capability of sports vehicles at high speeds. The RU1 is also supplied as original equipment to the Porsche Cayenne.

The RU1 has won nine design awards in Europe, America and Asia, including the 2017 Red Dot Design Awards and Japan's Good Design Award.


“We are thrilled to be supplying original equipment tires for the sports car manufacturer Porsche which boasts truly world-class design and quality,” says Nexen Tyre CEO Travis Kang. 


Nexen Tire supplies Original Equipment tyres to more than 20 global car makers in North and South America, Asia and Europe.