NEXEN Tyre Toyota Racing Peter Vodanovic
“I've had a fantastic experience with the Nexen SUR4G tyre in the NZ Toyota 86 series.
The tyre life is an absolute game-changer allowing us to race at qualifying pace lap after lap.
I think the consistency in the Nexen tyre is a key factor in why our racing is so close and entertaining.”
Peter Vodanovich, Current Leader of the Toyota 86 Championship (2019/20 Season)
NEXEN Tyre Mazda Racing Series.png
“At the first Round of the Nexen Tyre Mazda Pro 7 series at Manfeild Raceway was my first opportunity to test and run the Nexen SUR4G Tyre. I was immediately impressed with my first run on the tyres . . . I broke the track record, which I had held from the previous year. I found the tyre very responsive to medium/high speed corners and changed direction left/right very well with fantastic stability. The grip was instant and the longevity of the tyre during the weekend (qualifying and 3 races) was awesome, with times being set equivalent to qualifying during all 3 races. I am very pleased and proud to be running on the Nexen Tyre and am looking forward to their performance on the different tracks coming up over the season,”
Nexen Tyre Leo Bult, Pro 7 RX-8 Competitor
“So far, I have used three new sets on the NEXEN N’FERA SUR4G Tyre. I haven’t yet run on a worn set yet. The tyre is great straight out of the box and there’s no need for scrubbing in which is a bonus in qualifying. We have been around a second quicker per lap than our old control tyre which we have been extremely impressed by with little to no testing. The NEXEN by all counts seems to wear very well which will be great for competitors wanting to get the most life out of them with a little drop off in lap times. It’s a great all-round tyre . . . I can’t wait to try them in the wet,”
Andrew Jackson, Nexen Tyre Pro 7 RX-8 Competitor
“I am impressed with the new Pro 7 RX-8 class tyre. I tested the tyre at Hampton Downs late September on a green track with no rubber down and straight out of the box managed quicker times than last season’s track record for RX8’s. That was pretty exciting. We have now completed Round 1 of our series at Manfeild, and I am very happy to say the Hampton Downs testing was not an anomaly, as I now officially hold the RX-8 track record at Manfeild. In fact, in practice which is not official, I managed to eclipse the old track record by nearly 1 second. I am one very happy race car driver and the decision to go with the Nexen SUR4G tyre was a winner,”
Nexen Tyre Roger Beuvink, Pro 7 RX-8 Competitor
Nexen Tyre & D1NZ-PRO

In any form of competition drifting, the cars are becoming more powerful and we are on a never-ending search for traction, side bite and grip levels.


There are many brands that offer tyres with really soft compounds for maximum grip levels but unfortunately they wear out too quickly. We would burn through a set of these soft compounds in 1-2 laps.


There are however, a few select brands that have specialized in manufacturing a specific tyre for competition drifting which offers both traction and optimal tyre wear.


Nexen is one of these brands and are currently one of the leading brands in competitive drifting.


Nexen have developed the Nexen SUR4G tyre and my first experience in using them at the Mad Mike Summer Bash event was amazing. Not only does the tyre offer nearly twice the grip level that I was used to but they lasted 4-6 laps on one of the longest drift tracks in the country. 


They are truly an impressive tyre!


DTM Wheel and Tyre in Hamilton are the suppliers for Nexen Tyres in New Zealand and working with them has been nothing short of pure professionalism.

George Myburgh, D1NZ Competitor
Nexen & NZ Superlap Series

NZ Superlap Series competitor Glenn Hodges runs NEXEN N’FERA SUR4 235/40R18 on the front and 265/35R18 on the rear of his 2004 Nissan March K12.

“Having fitted the NEXEN N’FERA SUR4 tyres to the car during the build, it’s fair to say I was keen to see how they performed and during testing/setting up the car, full attention was on every detail of every component.

The NEXEN SUR4 tyres have not let me down, the fit on the DTM Gravity Wheels is perfect with a good clean sidewall to match (no stretch or bulge) – might seem silly to some but I’m fussy and found this to be a bonus.

The performance on the track, right off the trailer was beyond what was expected, although it’s a new car, making comparisons with other tyres tricky, there is a level of performance there that stands out giving no doubt these are for sure a very good tyre.

I’ve found the tyres to operate very well right across a broad temperature range, something handy for the Top Ten Shootout where we get minimal time to warm tyres and need to be on pace immediately.

I’m looking forward to completing the season on the tyres and improving on my own personal best lap times at all three circuits in the series.”

Glen Hodges, NZ Superlap Series Competitor